Keitswim is a human-sized company. A small team of qualified, enterprising and willing women .

Emma takes care to build long-term relationships with its partners and service providers . She selects them with precision and a lot of humanity to grow a company that looks like her.

Creativity is always at the heart of the project: new designs, new materials and complementary products. Its goal is to offer you pieces that are innovative in their design while remaining timeless and durable in their quality.

In a sector where everything is competition, it is important to differentiate yourself. Emma lays her stone to the building with quality and durable swimsuits and jewelry.


Keitswim and its founder Emma are committed to offering products that are ever more respectful of the environment . Despite the increase in the price of raw materials, transport and production costs, the company maintains its operation in Slow Fashion .

Products at fair prices while being top of the range, which last over time. A nice jersey for a few years rather than 3 at a low price for a summer.

The brand's approach involves, among other things, the following points:

The Packaging : The Keitswim pouch has been ingeniously designed. It is recyclable and can be reused . The linen jewelry pouches are not flocked so you can also use them as gift wrapping.

The production : Keitswim uses recycled and recyclable materials. The brand does not mass-produce, small one-off collections and no restocking. It responds to the demand but does not stimulate it .

Factory : The choice of a local partner, in Tunisia, makes it possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the products, but also that of the designer during her travels.

Volenteering : Keitswim is committed to protecting the beaches and seabed, this is why with each order, 1€ will be donated to an association for the cleaning of the oceans, beaches and protection of marine animals.