Keitswim is Emma's dream. Emma Keitman . Do you know this young influencer? After Intsagram and TikTok, you will now recognize her for her sublime swimsuits with feminine cuts and her original jewelry .

Keitswim was born in July 2022. It all started not long ago! A story of entrepreneurship
in poetry.

A few years ago, Emma was just a teenager who lacked self-confidence but already wanted to achieve great things .

She decides to go on an adventure alone towards new horizons for a long journey. She lands in Hawaii and falls in love with the island's sunshine and lifestyle. Every day everyone wears a swimsuit and can go bask in the sun on a heavenly beach after a day's work (at the same time who wouldn't dream of it?)

She meets people, discovers incredible landscapes, finds herself and gains a little more self-confidence with each sunrise.

She continues her journey and realizes every day that her happiness and her dreams are by the sea. It was in Tenerife that the idea of ​​Keitswim was born, matured with this pretty phrase “Dreams are made of sea in sand” . This symbolizes her inspirations and what she wants to convey through her creations.

Keitswim is the contraction between Keitmann, his name, and Swimwear, meaning swimsuit, the core business of his brand. A meaningful name for a young woman whose gentleness matches her creative talent.

Creating a brand means defining a universe, values ​​and bringing added value. Keitswim is so many things but if we had to note a few, it would be these:

Authenticity: Emma draws the swimsuits by hand, adding her personal touch. She draws inspiration from her many travels and current trends to make them unique, original and feminine.

Comfort : The designer has had many bad experiences with her past swimwear purchases. She therefore carefully chooses the materials of her pieces. She creates models that combine beauty and comfort with precision.

Ode to women: The different models of swimsuits offer flattering and high-cut cuts. Its wonders will sublimate your femininity and your shapes.

Quality : Emma selects high-end materials, which last over time. She knew how to surround herself with partners whose professionalism and precision are the key words. By combining this, she creates trendy pieces of high quality.

Keitswim has chosen to relocate its production to a small factory in Tunisia . Closer to France, the proximity of the country allows Emma to go there more regularly and to reduce the carbon footprint of its products. A thoughtful and quickly validated choice for its relevance in terms of collection management and sustainable development.

The brand will continue to offer pieces based on quality fabrics of French, Italian and Portuguese origin.



Soft sunset light, vibrating waves, feet in the sand, salty hair.