Earcuff AQUILA Or


Montrez votre style unique avec l'Earcuff AQUILA Or ! Cette bague d'oreille en acier inoxydable plaqué or 14K est finement travaillée pour un look vintage et classe. Les pierres semi-précieuses incrustées ajoutent une touche de couleur pour une allure encore plus élégante. Faites-vous remarquer avec cet accessoire audacieux et tendance !

  • Bijou inoxydable doré 14k
  • Epaisseur: 0,15cm
  • S'ajuste à l'oreille 
  • Vendu à l'unité
Your jewelery is packaged by us in a pretty reusable linen pouch and then in one of our Keitswim pouches.
Orders are prepared with love and shipped within 24 business hours.
For each order, 1€ will be donated for the protection of the seabed.


Our jewels are made on a base of stainless steel or stainless titanium. They are completely water resistant. They are then plated in 14 or 18 carat gold .

Some jewels have mother-of-pearl or other natural stones such as Zircon which may tarnish over time, so avoid direct contact with perfume or corrosive products.

It is best to remove your jewelry during stains or you could damage or scratch it.

Tip : For the maintenance of stones and metal, take a jewelry cloth (for polishing and cleaning) then gently rub the jewelry, it will regain its shine as on the first day.